Happy New Year!

As we navigate this new year, let God's Word provide proper perspective in a world of political pundits.

              New Message Series
The Campaign of Candidate Jesus 
              Mark 1:14-39; 9:2-13

Jan 19  "Considering His Keynote"
                Mark 1:14-15
Jan 26  "Developing His Team"
                Mark 1:16-20
Feb  9   "Assessing His Power Base"
                Mark 1:21-28
Feb 16  "Endorsing His Health Plan"
                Mark 1:29-39 (Healing Service)
Feb 23  "Revealing His Primary Colors"
                Mark 9:2-13

In The News...

Have you noticed news outlets referring to a United Methodist separation plan? Here's what you need to know...

1. We love everyone!

2. The UMC continues to officially believe that while all persons are of sacred worth (and are most welcome!), the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching. This means, as you might expect, that self-avowed, practicing homosexual persons may not be ordained or serve as our ministers, that homosexual weddings or similar unions may not take place in our churches or by our ministers, and that no church funds may be used to promote or facilitate the practice of homosexuality.

3. The current news stories are referring to a proposal. That means it's not official and will be presented, probably amended, and probably voted on in some form at our General Conference which begins May 5th of this year.

4. It's an effort to deal with the persistent "progressive" wing of our denomination. The "traditionalists" in our denomination have the votes to continue defeating the "progressive" efforts well into the distant future, but the traditionalists are basically getting tired of the progressives' costly distraction on this and other issues.

5.Beyond policy positions on an issue, as important as that is, we know real people are hurting out there on this. Our hearts break for the pain and struggle some are experiencing. We continue to believe that God's ways, as revealed in the Bible, are the most helpful for everyone and the most glorifying to Him. His Presence, often through His people, is the most comforting and victorious power available to us. God bless you and yours as we walk forward together.


     Sunday, January 12

Leadership Consecration Sunday

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     Monday, January 13

Church Office Closed

     Tuesday, January 14

9:30-11:00am Food Pantry

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7:00 Franklin Graham Sunshine State Tour service in Panama City Beach

     Wednesday, January 15

5:30pm Wednesday Dinner

6:00 Adult Bible Study: Gospel of John: Finding Identity and Purpose

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7:00 Chancel Choir Rehearsal

    Friday, January 17

10:00am Ladies' Bible study in library